Cyber security is no game of chance

As an IT manager or CISO, trust a specialised team that performs 100 pen tests a year and proactively works together to systematically improve your security.

Start here for your security

Interact directly with specialists

Receive reports that are clear and straightforward for every stakeholder

Hyperspecific: never over- or underprotected

"Als wij onze beveiliging niet op orde hebben, lopen honderdduizenden personeelsdossiers gevaar. De reputatieschade daarvan is niet te overzien, dat kost ontzettend veel geld om te herstellen ALS we dat al kunnen."

Anoniem, directeur van een cloud documentsysteem met een paar 100.000 personeelsdossiers

"Om te starten moet je natuurlijk een paar officiële hobbels nemen, maar daarna werk je gewoon plezierig met elkaar samen, met korte lijnen. Dat werkt heel fijn."

Anoniem, directeur van een cloud documentsysteem met een paar 100.000 personeelsdossiers

"Secwatch helpt ons de juiste keuze te maken door risico's eerlijk in kaart te brengen. Sommige zijn gewoon nihil, die kun je negeren. Andere moet je buitenshuis oplossen. Daar heb je een onafhankelijk adviseur bij nodig. Dat is Secwatch."

Anoniem, risk manager bij een grote verzekeringsmaatschappij

We have helped more than 250 companies get rid of their blind spots

Simply running a scanner, anyone can do that. But these generic tools do not capture specific interests, and so you end up with a report full of blind spots. By doing so, you turn your cybersecurity into a game of chance: are we safe? Or not?

At SECWATCH we always put your business, industry and interests first. Step by step. Sustainable cyber security.

See here how we help you protect yourself from cyber threats

Need clarity?

Don't wait: in four to six weeks, you can have a specific security report in your hands with specific security measures for your particular business and industry.


Quickly protected without sky-high costs

For many institutions, a commercial tool is like passing an oil tanker through a pond. We helped the city council of a medium-sized town to find a smart, strategic solution that would allow them to act immediately in case of vulnerabilities, without complicated implementation and sky-high costs.

Software developers

Reliable software through specialist expertise and flexibility

If you develop software that processes personal data, you must meet strict standards. Our client, a software developer in the healthcare sector, chose SECWATCHÒ for its specialist expertise and quick response during all phases of the project.


Safer every year despite growing complexity

Lots of sensitive data and a complex infrastructure: an internationally operating transport company found in us a partner with whom they could structurally improve their cyber security. With a clear roadmap and always the right measure at exactly the right time.

Customers hire us to:

Continuously demonstrate that data are safe.
You can send our report to stakeholders without modification, including those strict ones who monitor ISO and other certifications. 😊

Get an independent, tailor-made security advice.
You can rely on our in-depth and specialised knowledge and no-nonsense advice.

Keep in close contact with the testers.
Before, during and after testing, you have direct contact with our specialists. This often enables you to already resolve findings during the test period.

Perform hyper relevant, specific tests.
We only test what is relevant to you and therefore never work with generic packages containing unnecessary nonsense. SECWATCH = always specific.

Make sure that everyone understands ‘what comes next?’
You are assured of our crystal-clear explanations. Our reports are so clear that even years later you still understand what was meant.


  1. Risks

    How resilient are you now? What needs to be done NOW to immediately reduce your attack surface and increase your cyber resilience? We map that out with our pen test so you can address it right away.

  2. Roadmap

    In this phase, we have peace of mind and space to design a smart approach to structurally increase your organisation's cyber security.

  3. Response

    We set up exactly the right monitoring processes and policies that make your organisation increasingly resilient to vulnerabilities.

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