SECWATCH is the premier pentest agency in the Netherlands: what we learned yesterday, we use today in our analyses

The SuperSOC. A Security Operations Center (SOC) without skyrocketing costs

Imagine knowing what’s going on 24/7,
without spending thousands of euros …

  • Operational within 2 days
  • Seamless integration with other systems
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast learning curve without months of training

Don't wait any longer! We can connect you in no time

Need a back cover?

So far, more than 1,500 specialist pen tests have been carried out

For over 15 years, we have been doing specialist security assessments on networks and software, more than 100 per year. We work for hundreds of companies in every industry, from government to private businesses.

Because of our understanding guarantee, our specialists continue until every IT/security manager understands 100% what we have flagged and which steps we have to take to resolve it.

Don't wait any longer. We can have you connected in no time.

Need a back cover?

"Bij Secwatch zit je aan tafel met de directeur én de experts. Die korte lijnen zorgen voor helderheid en snelheid. Je weet vanaf het begin dat alle koppen de goeie kant op staan."

Edwin Moddejonge, IT-manager distributiecentrum met +30 vestigingen

"Vooraf is de prijs duidelijk en vast, die verandert niet ook al vinden ze tijdens hun testen iets vinden dat extra tests vereist."

Matthijs Brunsting, Teamleider software ontwikkeling bij Solviteers

"Secwatch is down to earth en pragmatisch. Ze lossen het gewoon op."

Anoniem, directeur van een cloud documentsysteem met een paar 100.000 personeelsdossiers

Why SuperSOC is the strategic choice

New legislation is expected to come from the EU in October 2024: the NIS2. In short, companies and their suppliers will have to comply with stricter rules, including those around monitoring and reporting cyber incidents. Many companies will resort to the ‘standard’ expensive SOC solutions.

We do not believe these are always needed to protect your ‘pot of gold’.

That’s why we offer the SuperSOC:

  • No unnecessary options
  • No unnecessary costs
  • No unnecessary risks

Specific, strategic SOC

One solution that protects your organisation in different ways quickly, specifically and strategically. Here's what you get:

Are you a CISO or IT manager who already has a lot of good things in place in terms of internal security? Then it is important to get an overall view and insight in order to react faster. So that potential damage can be limited.

What your real vulnerability is (and how to protect against it) will only be revealed by thinking specifically like a hacker.

Because we deliver meticulously customised products, you never buy too much or too little, but always just right. So, no unnecessary costs, because we won’t sell you anything you don’t need.

Our ‘data detectives’ don’t just ignore vulnerabilities because a monitoring tool labelled them ‘low risk’. We know that the impact of a low-risk vulnerability can be very high: this way of working is essential for detecting costly threats and data breaches.

Because of our thorough preparation phase, we know exactly how to implement the tooling in the most efficient and valuable way. No blind spots.

Did you know that we collaborate at the highest level with the Dutch government and cybersecurity specialists? This way we always have first-hand use cases, knowledge and test results.

Because our data detectives think like real hackers, they see attack methods that cybercriminals may also use and uncover information that would go undetected by an untrained eye.

What you should never do when a finding ‘CAN’T be right’ according to teammates is to assume that it is indeed wrong. If it CAN be true, you must rule out IF it is true. That is what our specialists do.

Our specialists spend 20% of their working time on study and honing their expertise to keep their specialist know-how up-to-date.

What you should never do if you want to identify the less obvious and costly risks for your particular business? Forget to include the ‘dumb devices’ that can be used by hackers as stepping stones in monitoring.
Consider it done

The quickest and safest way to upgrade your security is to put your team members and our experts together in a secure chat group.

100% of our ethical hackers are at least CEH-certified. Indeed: at least. Because we haven’t even mentioned ECSA/LPT, OSCP, GWAPT, GXPN, GAWN and OSWE.

Note that if you have a complex technology setup, the strength of your security depends on the scope. This is why our specialists look at all of the grey areas and there are never things ‘out of scope’ that a cybercriminal would also not put out of scope.

Are you human? 🙂 Then you also want to work with a human party. We think along with you, communicate directly and openly, and do not make things difficult.

Never loose ends in your security policy. Our specialists immerse themselves in your business objectives. As a result, we know exactly what needs to happen in what order to achieve your security goals.

With our understanding guarantee, we continue until every IT/security manager knows 100% what we have flagged and what the steps are to resolve it.

Or do you still want a regular SOC?

Of course, you can also just buy the standard SOC. However:

  1. Who will train your team?

    Because incidents and reports need to be analysed and interpreted. Wrong assessments mean still being at risk.

  2. Who will check if it works?

    Because a tool is not ready out of the box. Wrong settings by your techies means you are still at risk

  3. Who will monitor admins, internal or external?

    Because administrators have a lot of rights on the network. Issues at that level mean that you are still at risk. These are all issues that we regularly find with our customers who rely on tooling without the teamwork.

Our SuperSOC is a specific SOC:

  • No unnecessary options
  • No unnecessary costs
  • No unnecessary risks

This is how it works:

Would you wait any longer if you knew the technical implementation could be done in just a few days? A dedicated monitoring solution in your tech stack with specific security analysis for your specific business and industry.

  1. Scope

    What are we going to monitor and protect? What are the dependencies? What cybersecurity strategy will we adopt? We provide a complete setup of the tooling, streamline it with your network and current cybersecurity measures, and establish the incident management process.

  2. Overview

    Our specialist tools get to work creating overview, insight and risk classifications. With our team, we analyse and validate survey data and incidents: by interpreting them, we see exactly which threats are relevant.

  3. Control

    At least once a month, we review completed incidents and check that all tooling is still set up properly. In periodic calls, we make sure you understand 100% what each threat means and know exactly what follow-up actions are required.

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