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Threat Hunt

Lightning-fast detection and removal of malware, backdoors and hackers

Been hacked? We expose malware, ransomware, attacks, hacks and other risks and give the right instructions to clean them up immediately.

I have threats, track them down

From hacked or attacked...

If something has slipped past your current digital security, you want to do the right thing straight away. Otherwise, things can quickly go from ‘bad’ to ‘disastrous’.

A generic tool provides generic answers. Which means you still don’t know if you have actually cleared every threat. Ransomware or hackers often use hiding places from which they actively become dangerous only months later.

You want 100% certainty and so no stone must be left unturned. Because threats are becoming increasingly complex, non-specialist security companies run the risk of missing relevant developments. That gives a false sense of security. free and fully protected!

What you need is a hyper-relevant overview that immediately shows you whether threats are (still) present on your network, so that you can remove them immediately. A report that is specifically geared to your business and the dangers that are actually present so that everyone, including IT and management, can take targeted action.

With the Threat Hunt, we look specifically at the places where your data, or that of your customers, is vulnerable to malicious parties. After all, a hacker does not look ‘generically’, he looks specifically: what is here for the taking? How can I get to the really interesting stuff?

We are specialised ethical hackers. We put ourselves in the shoes of a hacker and look at precisely those areas that are of interest to a real hacker. You want investigators who are up to date with every new development, so that you do not create any high-impact blind spots.

This is how we work

  1. Pre-assessment planning and preparations

    What will we investigate? What are the hypotheses and indications of compromise? What are the dependencies? Setting up proper network access, making an overview of the information needed and identifying the teams.

  2. Discovery

    Our specialists get to work identifying and mapping the systems within the target networks. The public-source investigation to collect, analyse and categorise relevant information also gets under way.

  3. Scanning and collecting

    The systems on the network are actively scanned for malware and possible indications of compromise. Also assessed are logs, files, artefacts, modules in memory, network communication flows and other sources.

  4. Analysis, validation & risk analysis

    With our team, we analyse, validate and correlate the research data: we classify it and compare it with known threat information to see exactly which threats are relevant.

  5. Report and debriefing

    You receive a clear report with a hyper-relevant overview of whether malware, backdoors or hackers are (still) present on your network. Both IT and management receive an up-to-date and understandable overview of the risk picture, including weighting and priority.

This is what you get with the Threat Hunt

  • The Threat Hunt is carried out by two Certified Threat Intelligence Analysts, two Medior Security Consultants and one Senior Security Manager.
  • Guaranteed availability and capacity of our experts
  • Critical findings are addressed immediately
  • Including extensive OSINT: public source investigation

Threat hunting: hunting for malware and backdoors in your network.

Investment: upon request. We do not supply any generic services and tools. So, we always look specifically at your business and your pot of gold. This way, we ensure that your business is never under- or over-protected. And that also means: no fixed price. Please contact us for more details.

  • You suspect or know for certain that your systems or network have been hacked or otherwise compromised.
  • After a (suspected) hack, you want to know if there is still malware, hackers and/or backdoors in your network.
  • You want to be sure that your personal or company-sensitive data in your systems and networks are not or are no longer vulnerable after a (suspected) break-in.
  • er a (suspected) hack, you want to show customers that you have done everything possible to remove all malware, hackers and backdoors.

This is how we work

What you don’t know creates unforeseen misery, and what you don’t need to know creates stress. This is what we are seeing over and over again in companies that have business-critical applications running, that work with sensitive data or that develop software.

It’s not about not running any risk 24/7, it’s about being able to make the right decisions so you know exactly what risk you are running. That’s our mission: to make sure organisations are armed against the right threats.

That is why we don’t work with generic reports or look exclusively at the technology. We look at your business: what specifically are you running that is of interest to hackers. This is how we help organisations not be under-secured – or over-secured. And you have 100% certainty that all data is secure.

Hunt my Threats

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